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15 Reasons Istanbul And San Francisco Are Long-Lost Sister Cities

Two beautiful cities with a whole lot in common. See the similarities for yourself. Fly direct from SFO to IST with Turkish Airlines.

1. The street food is life-changing...

2. ...and the seafood is always fresh.

3. Transportation is a tourist attraction all its own.

4. People come from far and wide to admire the architecture...

5. ...and try the local flavor for themselves.

6. It's hard not to fall in love with the colorful streets.

7. The greenery isn’t quite what you’d expect…

8. ...and the melting pot of cultures and religions is even better than you could imagine.

9. There are must-see islands...

10. ...and must-shop shops.

11. The views are stunning in every direction...

12. ...including up.

13. A hiker's paradise, basically.

14. And the sunsets are truly unmatched...

15. ...except, of course, by each other.

It's never been easier to get from one incredible city to another: Turkish Airlines has direct flights from San Francisco to Istanbul.