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11 Things You're Probably Doing The Hard Way

Time to wise up. TurboTax takes complicated tax forms and turns them into simple questions about your life. No tax knowledge required.

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3. Mute annoying group convos.


Feeling incredibly bothered by a back-and-forth that has nothing to do with you? Click "details" at the top right-hand corner of your convo, and then hit "Do Not Disturb." Then, take a deep breath, and take your life back.

4. Decrease login items, increase speed.


So...your Mac is SLOW. When you boot up, it takes its sweet time. Try decreasing the number of apps that open immediately after you log in. Go to System Preferences > Accounts (or "Users and Accouns"), and then select "Login Items." Life is about to get a whole lot faster. YOU READY?

6. Rescue files that you fear might be lost forever.


If your Mac won't boot, but you've got reason to believe that the hard disk is still alive, try turning it on and holding down the "T" key immediately. Connect the bad Mac to a good one (ask a friend) using a Firewire or Thunderbolt cable. With luck, the bad Mac will appear in "Finder" as an external drive.

Take the files and run.

8. Go digital without paying for hard copies you already own.

Looking to go completely digital, but not so into the idea of paying for the books you already own hard copies of? When you take a photo of your books, the Shelfie app will let you know which are available for free digital downloads, or as discounted e-books and audiobooks.

10. Hang your hair tools like a boss.

Instagram: @jenerous / Via Jen Winston

Simply screw a PVC pipe into the wall, and boom — instant straightener/hairdryer stand. And if you dream big enough, you can even cram a hair brush in there.