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7 Complicated Things Explained In Four Bullet Points Or Less

Explanations always help. That’s why TurboTax not only makes it easy to do your taxes, it actually explains why you get the results you do.

• The internet works based on a series of protocols.

• Protocols are rules that tell computers how to talk to one another.

• IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are how other machines on the internet find each other.

Further questions can be answered by this GIF:

• You'll probably buy your house with a mortgage (which is basically just a housing loan).

• A general rule is that your house should cost 2.5 times your gross income.

• You should actually get your mortgage before you shop for your house — it's the safest way to know what's actually in your budget.

• After you get prequalified and preapproved for your mortgage, that's when a real estate agent comes in.

Just think — this could be you:

• There are two main types of touchscreens: resistive and capacitive.

• Resistive touchscreens are like the ones on an ATM — the screen actually bends inward, transferring the pressure into an electrical charge.

• Capacitive touchscreens, like the ones on most smartphones, use the electrical charge of your skin.

You read that right: Your skin has an electrical charge. U magic.

• Essentially, a credit card is like a loan...which means you'll have to pay back the money you spend at the end of the month, or you'll owe interest.

• When a store swipes your card, they're actually contacting your bank via the internet (see above).

• At the moment of purchase, the store is actually charging the bank money — not you.

• Be sure to look out for credit card rewards — many cards will give you back miles, exclusive event access, and even cash.

'Bout time someone pays you back just for living your life.

• Insurance ensures damage after an unexpected event can be paid for. (And doesn't have to come out of your pocket!)

Pretty much anything can be protected by insurance, from weddings to potential UFO abductions.

• No matter what you're protecting, you pay the insurance companies a monthly fee.

• Even if you think you might not need insurance, you should still have it — after all, you won't know you need it until you really need it.

Stay safe out there.

• Primary elections help determine the candidates who will run for specific parties during the actual election.

• In most states, you have to be registered in that party to vote during the primary.

Caucuses are kinda like primaries, except they're big IRL meetings.

• The Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses happen before the primaries do, so they help us predict which candidates will win the nomination.

And that's how we America, America.

• Honestly, this just means a place to store your files on the internet and not on your physical computer.

That's literally it.

And then there's taxes. Which, like:

• ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thankfully, the TurboTax ExplainWhy feature gives you personalized, bite-size explanations, so you know the whys behind your refund.