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    • tuomask

      I think there are two different approaches to designingagame. In the first approach the designer decides which is the intended gameplay and does his best to make the players adopt the intended gameplay.Ithink that this kind of approach makes not-so-good games. When you master the intended things, the game offers nothing more. The other approach is to give the rules of the game and let players find which techniques and strategies are good asaconsequence of the rules. In this approach, expert-level gameplay can go beyond the intentions of the designer. This was whatIattempted with Sumo-Hoppers, and this is also what great games of strategy, such as Go and Chess accomplish. There’s alsoagood motorcycle game based onasimplified physical model, Elastomania, which adopts the latter approach. If you look at expert-level play of Elastomania, you see quitealot of things that were probably unintended by the designer.

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