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3 Things You Never Knew (or Did You?)

Sharing is caring so...3 fun facts you may have never known without this post!

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There's a Proper Way to Peel Bananas / Via http://Google%20Images

Instead of tearing your banana open from the stem, flip it over and pinch the other end to easily separate and unpeel it. Bonus: Now you can use the stem as a handle!

BuzzFeed Created the Original NYC Rejection Line

Well sort of...BuzzFeed's founder, Jonah Peretti and his sister (a professional comedian) did. Not only that, but it's still active! Don't believe me? Well then I suggest you call it, use it and LOVE IT! 212-479-7990

I'm Officially a BuzzFeeder! aka Sales Director at

I've held off on sharing the news, but after a glorious month; its time to formally let you know that I'm at BuzzFeed and loving every second of it! If you're not familiar w/ us, check out one of our sponsored stories here! If you love us already, even better!!!

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