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8 YouTube Monolid Beauty Vloggers You Need To Watch

Just for our beautiful monolidders.

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1. Jen from frmheadtotoe

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In addition to her creative and beautiful everyday makeup tutorials, Jen Chae likes to shake things up a bit with fun costume makeup and K-pop makeup tutorials! She also does some amazing manicures, which you can see right on her blog.

2. Weylie from ilikeweylie

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Monolidders can get some of the most energetic tutorials from the gorgeous Weylie Hoang! She also gives real-life information and advice in her videos, such as the basics of birth control and how to use a tampon (may be NSFW). She's almost like your YouTube older sister!

3. Claire Marshall

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The beautiful and extremely talented Claire Marshall always shows awesome and informative makeup tips, tutorials, and advice. Plus, her video editing skills are always on point!

4. Jung Saem Mool (정샘물) of jungsaemmool

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One of South Korea's most famous makeup artists, Jung Saem Mool runs her own beauty channel on YouTube where she has several monolid-friendly tutorials. Don't worry about language barriers - her videos are subbed in English!

5. Emily Quak of Emily's Anthology

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The lovely Emily Quak offers very straightforward and sophisticated tutorials. From everyday monolid looks to even a sexy James Bond inspired look, Emily's got your back for all of your monolid makeup needs.

6. Sophia Chang of fashionista804

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Sophia Chang's videos are always so full of energy and dancing as she shows you how to create perfectly fierce and sexy monolid looks! You can also hear this multi-talented lady's beautiful singing on her Instagram.

7. Flo from FutilitiesAndMore

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Need tips and tricks specifically for monolids? Look no further than Flo's tutorials and channel! She specifically gears her videos towards monolids, helping monolidders feel confident and beautiful all day everyday. (Her French accent is also so soothing!)

8. Emily of nothingtoeverything

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While this channel hasn't been active for about a year, Emily has a wide variety of makeup tutorials specifically for monolids. From a "Bohemian smokey eye" to a K-pop inspired tutorial, monolidders can find many different types of looks here!

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