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21 Daebak Korean Slang Words You Need To Know

Sorry if this list is no-jaem.

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2. 낄끼빠빠 (kkil-kki-ppa-ppa)

Definition: Someone who can never properly read into the social atmosphere and feelings of other people.

Origin: A shortened word from the phrase "질 때 져라" (kkil-tteh-kki-go ppa-jil-tteh-ppa-jyuh-rah)," or "stick around when you need to stick around, leave when you need to leave."

4. 노잼 (no-jaem)

Definition: An adjective describing something tasteless and/or tedious, such as homework or a bad joke.

Origin: A combination of the English word "no" and a shortened version of "재미있어" (jae-mi-suh).

9. 썸 (ssum)

Definition: "The chase" that happens before any potential relationship.

Origin: This word comes from "something" that is occurring between two people who are interested in each other, but have yet to initiate anything.

10. 된장남/된장녀 (dwoen-jang-nam/dwoen-jang-nyeo)

Definition: A dwoen-jang-nam is a guy who's so very into anything luxurious that they come off as very spoiled and demanding. A dwoen-jang-nyeo is the female equivalent.

13. 훈남/훈녀 (hoon-nam/hoon-nyeo)

Definition: "훈남" refers to the absolute ideal male partner who has it all in looks, personality, wealth, job, etc. A "훈녀" is the female equivalent of the term.

14. 금사빠 (geum-sah-ppah)

Definition: Someone who falls in love easily.

Origin: Comes from the term "랑에 지는 사람" (geum-bang sa-rang-eh ppa-ji-neun sa-ram), or "someone who falls in love immediately."

15. 엄친아/엄친녀 (eom-chin-ah/eom-chin-nyeo)

Definition: Your mom's friend's perfect, charming, athletic, intelligent, handsome son/daughter who you're constantly being compared to.

Origin: A contraction of the term "들" (eom-mah-chin-goo-ah-deul), or "Mom's friend's son". "Eom-chin-nyeo" is the daughter equivalent of this term.

16. 얼빠 (eol-ppa)

Definition: Someone who easily falls for beautiful/handsome people.

Origin: An abbreviation of the phrase "굴에 지다" (eol-gool-eh ppa-ji-dah), or "falling in love with a face."

19. 김오띠 (ah keem-oh-ttee)

Definition: This term basically means "feeling good," and is often exclaimed over something unbelievably amazing.

A Koreanized slang term from the Japanese term "kimochi," which means "feeling."

20. MT (엠티)

Definition: A big group outing for a company, class, team, club, etc, held to welcome new members. Korean-style heavy drinking is not only common, but expected.

Origin: The Korean spelling and pronunciation of the initials of "Membership Training"

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