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    A Guide To Mixing Cannabis And CBD

    CBD e-liquid also known as CBD e-juice is a liquid which is received by a user via an electronic cigarette. It’s vaporized via the battery powered atomizer to imitate the sensation of smoking, albeit without what most e-liquids generally contain - nicotine. It typically consists of two primary ingredients: CBD, the non psychoactive cannabinoid, Propylene Glycol and either Terpene or conventional flavoring.

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    With e-cigarettes becoming sought-after lately among cigarette smokers, the use of e-liquids has also branched out into the market of health and is considered the most convenient ways for taking cannabis and CBD oils. From the development of the Vape and Juice Athena kit which uses a pod system and has become known for it’s ability to use both CBD oils and ‘allegedly’ wax shatter; to the PAX system that vaporizes dry herbs.

    Through vaporization, CBD enters the lungs and diffuses into the bloodstream instead of passing through the liver and gut. That prevents the “first-pass effect” altogether, enabling at least four times as much cannabis to enter the circulation for maximum bioavailability of 50% to 60%. That denotes for each 100 mg of CBD oil that a person vape, 50 to 60 mg will reach their bloodstream.

    Using Cannabis Oils and CBD Oils in an E-Cigarette

    For people who are purchasing e-liquid from a dependable producer, they are cutting out the most challenging part of making vape juice all by themselves. It's suggested not to use hot plates or breakers if they prefer to do it from scratch. In this process, heating the oil and trying to mix in the proper amount of e-liquid to make the ratio is what they need.


    To start, microwave the oil for 90 seconds in one of the lower settings. If it’s not melted enough, go with the ten-second increments until the consistency is achieved. Another option to heating the oil in the microwave is to put it in a bowl inside a pot of water. As the water is heated towards a boil, the oil must have met into a consistency which will be ready for the e-liquid.

    With the right prepped oi, it’s only a matter of getting the proper ratio of e-juice to add. Take note, a basic of 1:1 ratio is average and will get the job done. For some, 2:3 oil is a good alternative. But for people who prefer some of the CBD oil or cannabis effects, 2:3 is more likely to work perfectly. However, the advantage of combining the vape juice is that the user can tinker with it ‘till they reach their tastes.

    Using a stainless-steel spatula can mix it. It’s recommended to ensure it’s completely homogenized before letting it cool. From there, the vape juice must be ready for the e-cigarette cartridge.

    Vaping E-Liquid in the Modern World

    Vaping represents an essential way of presenting the health benefits of cannabis. High tech vaporizers can particularly provide cannabis extracts which are more dose specific and remarkably pure. As a result, people will be able to receive the medical cannabis they need. However, without the possible harmful effect of smoking or combustion.

    Vape technology is transforming rapidly. It specifically offers patients and physicians more significant control over the active compounds an individual inhales. By adjusting vaping temperatures, a user can tailor his medication for complete body effects and lasting pain relief.

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