Aubrey Plaza Is A Dream Goddess

She is the most perfect person of ever (duh). Here are a few reasons why. I love you, @evilhag.

1. She knows how to let loose.

2. She looks great in glasses…

3. …AND a moustache.

4. She’s A+ at the flirting thing.

5. Her ethics are flawless.

It takes true strength to give thanks where thanks are due.

6. She’s old-school rock & roll.

7. She’s hip to the freshest lingo.

8. Her smile is butterfly-inducingly charming…

9. …and she can make you weak in the knees.

10. She’s got sass.

11. And she’s got class.

12. She’s the girl next door…

13. …but with a wild side.

14. She just gets you.

It’s like she took the words right out of my mouth.

15. She knows how to accessorize.

Oh my god I want one of those.
Seriously where do I get one of those?

16. I once saw her walking out of Little Dom’s.

It was the best day of my life.

17. And her Twitter is a glimpse into her beautiful mind.

18. You’re an inspiration to us all, Aubrey.

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