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Simulation-Based Tests And Other Modern Techniques For Hiring Top Talent

Call center simulation software, gamification. open-ended job posting and other modern hiring methods to find best employee.

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Any employer wants hire top talent. If so, you cannot just rely on the hiring techniques that have worked in the past. You need to make sure that you are looking towards a current hiring technique to sort through the different options that you have available to you.

Option #1 – Open-Ended Job Posting

You might have heard that shoe giant Zappos decided to remove job titles altogether. While Zappos might be the most famous example, there are many other companies that are adding open-ended job postings, this means that these are job openings without any specifications or without a specific title.

This forces you (as a potential hiring partner) to focus on people rather than focusing on skills.

What is ultimately more important? That someone has a few skills that you can teach them, or the fact that they are passionate about your company and your mission? Even though you are able to get some creative people to apply to your job this way, it does not reduce the bias that we have during the hiring process.

Option #2 – Social Media

Social media is a great tool for hiring top talent, especially if you are trying to recruit some of the younger professionals who are just starting out. Especially those under the age of 25 state that they appreciate the chance to find potential job openings through social media.

Social media has the added benefit that it allows you to start a dialogue with your prospective hire right away. Because it offers a diverse recruitment pool and helps your company gain more traffic in recruitment, social media is certainly something that you do not want to avoid. With social media you get a personal connection with your future employees, but it does not reduce your overall hiring bias. It remains a subjective hire based on their social media profile and contact.

Option #3 – Web Scraping

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Web scraping (broken down to explain it in a simple concept) means that you are collecting data on the Internet related to your industry and your candidate. While this might have been time consuming in the past, nowadays it is possible to automate this process quickly or have a professional company do it for you. Even though this is going to tell you plenty about the potential candidate and gets you a lot of information, it does not reduce our overall hiring bias.

As a recruiter, you are still going to encounter certain information and have a specific feeling about it. While web scraping might be great to tell you something about the candidate, it is not necessarily geared toward evaluating the necessary skills

Option #4 – Online Networking

Online networking is going to be able to connect you to your candidate on a number of different ways. You can learn more about them, find out what matters to them, and learn more about how they performed in their previous job. Online networking is a great way to build your own circle while retrieving new information. However, it does not tell you a great deal about how a new hire is going to function in your company (and especially within your specific function), you are left to find this out for yourself and are ultimately taking a gamble.

Option #5 – Simulation Tests

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A simulation-based test such as a call center simulation test is going to tell you much more about a potential candidate than an actual interview would. You can let someone perform the basic tasks that they would normally do during a standard workday. This way, you know that you are subjectively getting the right person for the job. Because of their accuracy and added benefits to the company and candidate, it should come as no surprise that many consider simulation tests the gold standard when it comes to hiring new employees.

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