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11 Things You’ll Understand If You Learn By Doing Vs. Reading

Doers: doing what doers do best! Wanna do more? Texas State Technical College offers a wide range of degrees that allow students to get hands-on.

1. For one, you're just a highly visual person across the board.

2. Listening to or reading instructions has always been a moot point for you.

3. Admittedly, this sometimes leaves you in a space where you...aren't always playing by the rules.

4. You try to pay close attention when someone is explaining a task to you, but you ultimately know you won't understand until you're actually experiencing it.

5. This also means a lot of what you do is trial and error, which isn't a bad thing!

6. There have definitely been instances in which you've felt frustrated that you couldn't pick something up the way your peers had just by reading directions.

7. But you've learned to rely on experience.

8. You're someone who likes to be in the center of the action, so you can really pick everything up.

9. You're also a naturally inquisitive person.

10. You're usually the first to volunteer to do something, as that's the fastest way for you to understand it.

11. And ultimately, you know that everyone has a unique way of understanding information. And you're cool with that!

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