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    15 TV Shows That Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

    Where's the reboot?

    1. Zoey 101


    We last saw Zoey putting a video message in a time capsule leaving us wondering what she said in that video. Did she finally tell Chase how she felt? We have all been wondering what's on Zoey’s video. We must know! The cast has since released multiple videos teasing at what was in it. Is Zoey still friends with Chase or are they happily married with kids? I guess time will tell us.

    2. Lizzie McGuire


    Lizzie McGuire was an iconic show of the early 2000s. We all loved when cartoon Lizzie would pop up and tell us what Lizzie was thinking. If it wasn't for the animation, we would all be an outfit repeater. But what happened to Lizzie and the gang after graduating and returning from their hilarious trip to Europe?

    3. All That!


    I remember running off the bus in elementary school to turn on the TV to watch All That! It was one of those shows that kept you entertained and laughing. Why can’t we have an adult show like this?

    4. That's So Raven


    We all wish we had the power that Raven had. She took us on many adventures leaving us laughing. Disney released a new spinoff called Raven's Home, but what ever happened to her family and friends? Fans have spoken and they want to see Raven use her power of seeing into the future as she journeys through adulthood.

    5. iCarly


    We all wanted to be featured on iCarly's webshow. The skits were hilarious. What happened to the gang after the show ended? We must know! Luckily for us, Paramount has been talking about reviving the show, but we won't be seeing the hilarious Sam Puckett.

    6. Sister, Sister

    Abc Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

    We last saw the sisters at the same store the show started at. What happened to the iconic twins since then? They do have their own reality show, but it's definitely not anywhere close to the scripted scenes in Sister, Sister. There's talk about a revival, but with both sisters having their own families, it's only time before we find out if it will actually happen.

    7. Recess


    This cartoon about kids at recess had us all dreaming about going to a school with a playground just like theirs. We last saw the gang trying to retrieve their lucky baseball bat from Ashley's clubhouse. They were unsuccessful. It would be cool to see where the gang has gone since that last episode.

    8. Burn Notice

    USA Network

    We have watched Michael Westen, Fiona, and Sam track down who burned Michael while helping out civilians through 7 seasons. The show ended with Michael's mom sacrificing her life in order to save the future for the cast. We were left believing Michael and Fiona died but later find out they survived the explosion. What are Michael and Fiona up to now? Do they have kids? Are they still outrunning bad guys?

    9. The Office


    Everyone loves The Office! After all those seasons, we have waited for Michael’s dreams to come true of having a wife and kids, along with Pam and Jim following their dreams, and the long road to Dwight and Angela finally getting married. But what happens to the employees of the office after the documentary airs? A look into their lives now is exactly what we all need!

    10. Scrubs

    NBC/ Hulu

    We last saw J.D. saying goodbye to everyone he met at Sacred Heart, dead or alive, to move closer to his son. It was a sad moment for anyone who has seen the show. Scrubs gave us a rollercoaster of emotions along with lots of laughs. Fans want to know what J.D. and Sam are up to now. Is J.D. still a nurse, or did Sam end up becoming a nurse? There hasn't been a show quite like this in a long time.

    11. Saved By The Bell

    Nbc / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

    Saved by The Bell gave teens an inside look at the struggles of homelessness, drug addiction, bullying, women's rights, and environmental issues. It was something everyone could watch and learn something from. They have since revived the show but with a whole new cast. We want to see where the original cast is at now and how they are navigating through issues in today's world.

    12. Family Matters

    ABC / CBS

    Urkel is one of the best icons to come out of the '90s. People still use his dance moves and name to this day! What has happened since the last episode aired? Are Urkel and Laura married with their own little geek? If Full House can make a reboot, Family Matters should have no problem doing one!

    13. House


    Following the drug addict doctor through his highs and lows was something no one had ever seen before. It would be interesting to see where the cast is now. A backstory of how House came to be House would be very interesting to see. How was he able to keep practicing for so long while under the influence?

    14. The Lying Game

    ABC Family

    This show gave us both drama and mystery. It was all about a girl who was adopted and found out she had a twin sister she never knew about. It was a twist of The Parent Trap and a drama series. The series left us off on a cliffhanger wondering who the killer is.

    15. Finding Carter


    When a girl found out she was kidnapped, as a young girl, she returns back to her real family. This show was a roller coaster of drama and fun. It ended with us finding out who committed murder and someone left on the side of the road badly beaten. What happened to Carter? Fans are dying to know after it was abruptly canceled.