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11 Times Your Mom Mortified You

Has your mom ever embarrassed you beyond belief? Have you ever wanted to just die when she's in your presence? Embrace it, kids. Embrace it. Why? Because one day you will understand why she acted the way she did and that is because you'll be doing it to your kids.

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1. When she tries to fight your battles for you.

Mom, don't bite people.

2. When she talks about working out and being fit.

Stop that.

3. When she uses every coupon imaginable at the store.

Ugh, not again.

4. When she isn't dressed when you have friends over.

Why are you doing this to me?

5. When she wants to try a new activity.

Please don't make me.

6. When she tries to be the cool mom.

Please stop talking.

7. When she thinks she can dance.

You are my nightmare.

8. When she takes to you the mall.

Are you serious right now?

9. When she tries to surprise you for your birthday.

Lord, help me.

10. When she gets emotional about you leaving for college.

Why do you still have those?

11. When she breaks out the baby photo album.

Why does Shutterfly have to be your best friend?

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