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Middle Childhood Development

Taylor Sneed

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1. Sibling Relationship

Sibling conflict is at its peaks when at least one child is in middle childhood. Siblings of the same sex have less conflict than siblings that are different sex. Siblings that are also closer in age have more conflict than siblings that are more spread apart. During this age group they are mostly fighting about personal possessions, privacy, and competition for parental attention

2. Parenting

Parenting style is the emotional climate between a parent and child. There are two dimensions warmth and control each parenting style has. Parenting styles are broken down into four different styles Authoritative which is high in control and warmth. Permissive is high in warmth and low in control. Authoritarian is high in control and low in warmth. Uninvolved parenting is low in control and warmth.

Parenting practice is different from parenting style. Parenting practice is the behavior the parent directly show the child. This can be based on how the child behaves, parent beliefs, etc.

3. After School Care

Children today have parents that are both employed which causes for children in middle childhood to be in after school care. A child can be in the care of parent , self-care which is when the child is in-charge of their selves, sitter/relative is an informal adult supervision, center- based when a child attends an adult supervision daycare program, and then you have school based programs. This is when a child do some type of extracurricular activities in the school.

There have been studies done on which after school program is better for the children. But it really matters the time they are in the after school program.

4. Diverse Family

Families today are not just with mom dad and children. Families today can consist of a single parent and children, grandparents and children, 2 mommies and children, and two daddies and children. Children who have same sex parents division of work is equally separated. When it comes to affection, time spent with the child, and parenting skills their is no difference when it comes to parents from different sex and same sex parents.

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