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18 Emotions You Might Experience Around The NHL Trade Deadline

April 3rd is the NHL trade deadline. It also marks the start of the push to the playoffs! What your favorite team does today will ultimately affect whether they end up a cup contender or not. Will they pick up the goalie they need for a run to the Cup? Or will they trade away a blue chip player in an attempt to build for the future? No matter what happens, make sure you tune in to TSN’s all day TradeCentre coverage 8am Et / 5am PT

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1. Making a mental list of all the players your team needs to acquire by the trade deadline

2. The day before the deadline, when anything can happen

3. The morning of deadline day, dealing with the suspense

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Wednesday, Apr. 3 at 8am et/5am pt

4. When your boss tries to talk to you while you're following trade coverage online

5. Faking an illness to go home and watch TSN

6. You finally get home and turn on TSN’s all day TradeCentre coverage


7. When you hear a deal is in the works for a 35-year-old, injury prone defenseman

8. But your team actually ends up trading for a young, three-time All Star

9. Discussing the trade with your friends

10. When you realize your division rivals came up empty-handed...

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11. And they have clearly decided to rebuild for next year

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12. Realizing your team might actually have a shot at the Stanley Cup

13. But it sinks in that your favorite veteran player had to be traded away to make room for the new guy

14. You've already gotten so much, but you want more

15. You've been watching the coverage for ten hours. You're starting to hallucinate.

16. But you're energized by visions of your team winning a playoff game...

17. Or a playoff series...

18. Or, somehow, some way, the Stanley Cup