These Tattoos Of Celebrities On People’s Actual Bodies Will Upset You

Because what are boundaries, really?

1. Some of you may have heard of the man who, since 2009, has been going above and beyond to express his rather intense appreciation for Miley Cyrus by getting her face and song titles tattooed on different parts of his body.

His name is Carl McCoid, and he’s 40-years-old. Let that marinate.

2. He now has 21 Miley-inspired tattoos so far, and he probably won’t stop anytime soon. / Via The Rooster

Carl’s most recent Miley portrait tat shows that he truly and honestly loves the new Miley, untamable tongue and all.

3. But wait. There’s more: / Via The Rooster

4. Oh, the feels.

And not the good kind.

5. Here’s another dude with a Miley tat that combines her infamous VMA performance with her “Wrecking Ball” music video. That’s on you FOR LIFE, man. / Via Wet Paint

6. HANSON (maybe?).

Wait, is that Demi Lovato in the middle or…?

7. Zayn, we love you, but not as much as THIS guy:

*Now preparing to receive hate tweets from Directioners*

8. This man’s got a serious, incurable case of Bieber Fever.


9. A cartoon Kim Kardashian. In permanent ink. Near your nether region. / Via Wet Paint

But of course Kimmy just LOVED it.

10. But this guy’s tattoo of an omniscient eye, albeit belonging to Amanda Bynes, is pretty cool and nicely done. / Via Wet Paint

11. We all know Betty White is a BAMF, but there are other ways of paying homage to the 92-year-old actress, bro. / Via Wet Paint

12. And this, btw, isn’t one of those ways. / Via Opposing Views

Friends don’t let friends get a tattoo of all the Golden Girls characters as the faces of Mount Rushmore. Like, ever.

13. The only tattoo of Tay Zonday (the guy who wrote and sang “Chocolate Rain”) you will ever see.

14. Who knew there existed a Judge Judy superfan?

15. And for the record:

16. Yes, 2007 was quite a rough year for Britney. And this “fan” wanted to apparently show his support for the controversial pop star.

“Oops” is right.

17. Let us never forget about the woman who got “Drake” tattooed on her forehead in humungous letters. / Via Tattoos TIme

She’s lovin’ the crew.

18. Or the guy who then decided to mock said woman by doing this:

Yeah. This happened. IRL.

19. Forever scarred by this zombie version of a childhood favorite, Steve Urkel.

Childhood memories = ruined.



21. A unicorn Tupac is just straight up disrespectful.

23. But Steve-O has a tattoo of himself on his back, so there’s that.

He’s actually winning.

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