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The 15 Stages Of Trying Online Dating For The First Time

This could get real interesting.

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1. I've finally decided to take the plunge into online dating. So much opportunity awaits me!

Meeting guys at bars and clubs has failed me. Time to switch things up a bit!

2. OK, let's make that profile!

Hey, I am who I am, right?
FX Networks / Via

Hey, I am who I am, right?

3. Which pic should I put up? I think I'll just play it safe.

I mean, I don't want these guys thinking I'm a slut or something.
NBC / Via

I mean, I don't want these guys thinking I'm a slut or something.

4. Wait, what's up with all these questions that I kind of don't know the answers to?

The CW / Via

Am I signing up for an online dating site or taking the SATs?

5. Really, stop with all the pointless questions.

STEAL is to STALE as 89475 is to...


6. Oooooh snap, just got my first message!

NBC / Via

7. Hold up. He wants to spread Nutella where? With his what? While his cat does WHAT? Aww, hell no!

The CW / Via

I didn't even know so much vulgarity could exist in one sentence.

8. All I really want is this:

And this:

But instead I'm only getting this:

9. OK, another message. Please don't creep me out. PLEASE.

NBC / Via

All I ask is that he doesn't have a weird fetish, has all his teeth, and isn't old enough to be my father.

10. Aww, he wants to meet up for coffee!

11. So this means I have to talk to him, like, in real life?

The Disney Channel / Via

Can't we just keep it strictly virtual? I don't do too well with the whole "knowing what to say to someone you've never met" thing.

12. I wasn't really prepared for all of this.

Paramount Pictures / Via

13. But I don't want to end up like this:

So I'll give it a shot.

14. Worst-case scenario, he'll end up being like this:

Revolution Studios / Via

And I'll be all like:

HBO / Via

15. So bring it on, coffee date!

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