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22 Phobias That Every Twenty-Something Will Battle With At Least Once

How will we make it out alive???

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1. Anthropophobia: the fear of people or society

You don't know how to interact with real human people because of social networking. Thanks, technology.

2. Amnesiphobia: the fear of amnesia

With the amount of alcohol you consume on a weekly basis, you're terrified that you won't be able to remember anything by the time you're 30.

3. Anuptaphobia: the fear of staying single

And the only logical way to cope with this impending fear is to drink. A LOT.

4. Androphobia: the fear of men

Because this is your reaction upon seeing a hottie at the bar and you have no idea how to initiate a conversation with him.

5. Arithmophobia: the fear of numbers

Credit card bills, paying rent, cell phone bills and student loans have you all messed up in the psyche. No. more. Numbers!

6. Atelophobia: the fear of imperfection

So many expectations, so little wine.

7. Basiphobia: the fear of falling or the inability to stand

Heels + alcohol + walking = DISASTER.

8. Bibliophobia: the fear of books

No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to finish the first chapter of that book you got off Amazon, mainly due to the mini-panic attacks that come on when you do. In fact, you haven't really read since you graduated college. Oops.

9. Centophobia: the fear of new things (read: new technology)

You find it nearly impossible to keep up with all the technological advances and you can barely navigate Facebook due to all of its perpetual changes.

10. Chronophobia: the fear of time

There is not nearly enough time in the day to do the things you want to do. And time flies by way too quickly to you!

11. Cyberphobia: the fear of computers or working on one

Office work and sitting at a computer all day are your worst nightmares.

12. Ergophobia: the fear of work

You want to do nothing for eternity, and getting up for work every single morning is the bane of your very existence.

13. Workplace phobia. Self-explanatory.

There are so many awkward and socially-unacceptable things that can happen in an office.

Along with despicable co-workers and bosses.

14. Ephebiphobia: the fear of teenagers

Going to the mall when the youths are on school vacation is your worst nightmare.

15. Tokophobia: the fear of having children

You can barely remember what you did last night, let alone being responsible for another human life.

16. Erotophobia: the fear of sexual questions.


17. Gamophobia: the fear of marriage

The mere thought of getting engaged to another being at this time in your life throws you into an irrational frenzy.

18. Gerascophobia: the fear of growing old

You'll go to any length to maintain your youth. Slow metabolism and creaky joints? No thanks.

19. Rhytiphobia: the fear of getting wrinkles

Getting botox at 22 and a facelift by 35 seem like completely rational decisions to you.

20. Hypegiaphobia: the fear of responsibility

Can't we at least pretend we're little kids???

21. Hygrophobia: the fear of moisture

Just because the existence of the word "moist" alone makes you cringe.

22. Phobophobia: the fear of phobias

You're scared of fear itself. Bravo, you've achieved the unthinkable!

But don't fret, twenty-somethings. We got this!

Check out more phobias that you probably didn't even know existed here.

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