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21 Times Ed Westwick Proved He Was The Sexiest Brit Ever

Move over, every other British man that exists.

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1. That time he gave serious eye contact to this camera:


It's as if he's talking only to you. *Swoon*

2. That time he exuded so much sex while talking in this interview:

The Hot Desk TV / Via


3. But then immediately after threw us all for a loop and got all boyish and innocent.

The Hot Desk TV / Via

4. That time when he scratched his arm in the cutest way possible.

5. That time he was Chuck Bass for six, sweet seasons on Gossip Girl.

The CW / Via

No one human being can deny that he was the flyest villain asshole in TV history.

6. Whenever he drank on Gossip Girl:

The CW / Via

Especially when it was in the back of a limo.

7. That time he woke up looking all disheveled in the most perfect way:

8. When he made a kissy face.

9. Or when he sang in the faux snow.

10. When he was being all cheeky and stuff during a red carpet event:



11. When he showed off his chiseled features and quirky personality:


12. When he teased us by exposing some of his chest hair while simultaneously putting us under hypnosis.

13. When he wore suspenders* while licking his lips.


* = braces in British lingo.

14. When he came at us with the realness stating facts.

Nylon TV / Via

Oh, we know, Ed. We know.

15. This time doesn't really need an explanation.


A moment of silence, please.

16. When he was all broody and channeling his inner James Dean.

17. When he was being all sassy and funny while chillin' in the middle of nowhere.


We don't give a shit where he was, we just wish we were there with him.

18. When he chose Blair over Serena IRL.


19. When he ate a donut and then proceeded to rub the jelly on his nose, because he can.

20. Basically, any time he's interacted with food in any form.

The CW / Via


21. That time he casually, yet angelically, lounged on Sophia Bush, AKA Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill, and awakened our OTH feels.

An ode to you, Ed Westwick. Stay sexy and stay British.

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