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20 Signs You're Not Fit To Be An Adult

So what if you watch reruns of All That and Kenan & Kel over CNN?

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1. You don't feel your age. AT ALL.

2. You've never been to a networking event.


Talking to important people that you don't know about important things? Ah, nope.

3. If you have, you have absolutely no clue how to act.

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4. You have to set reminders to pay your student loans on time.

Lions Gate / Via

And even then you still don't pay them by the deadline.

Comedy Central / Via

5. Your parents still schedule medical appointments for you.

HBO / Via

Why would you want to take responsibility for that anyway?

6. You still watch reruns of sitcoms that are technically geared towards pre-teens, but you give no fucks.

Nickelodeon / Via

Drake & Josh all day, errday.

7. You'd rather not talk about politics with people because then things just get too confusing for you.

8. Making a budget for any length of time is just not something you do.

Columbia Pictures / Via

9. Even when you're feeling rather adult-like and actually make a budget plan, you fail miserably at sticking to it.

10. Waking up early for work is just not the biz.

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11. Waking up early to you is anywhere from 9-10 AM.

NBC / Via

12. You use way too many emojis when you text.

13. On occasion, you drink like you're still in college.

FX / Via

Work tomorrow at 9 AM. NBD.

14. At least five times a day without fail you misplace your phone, which usually results in mini panic attacks.

Fox / Via

If you can't keep track of your phone, what makes you think you can keep track of your future children?!

15. You don't fully understand what a 401(k) is.

Comedy Central / Via

16. You're a little too familiar with Snapchat.

17. You get easily distracted from your daily responsibilities by all social media platforms.

TLC / Via

#TBT > everything.

18. The very thought of having to pay multiple bills makes you cringe.

Fox / Via

19. You put your money in the wrong places (i.e, you'll buy liquor before you buy essential things like food and water).

CBS / Via

20. Transferring funds between your savings and checking accounts is something you've done too many times.

But don't worry: you'll grow up eventually (hopefully)!

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