20 Signs You’re Not Fit To Be An Adult

So what if you watch reruns of All That and Kenan & Kel over CNN?

1. You don’t feel your age. AT ALL.

2. You’ve never been to a networking event.

Talking to important people that you don’t know about important things? Ah, nope.

3. If you have, you have absolutely no clue how to act.

NBC / Via giphy.com

4. You have to set reminders to pay your student loans on time.

Lions Gate / Via gifboom.com

And even then you still don’t pay them by the deadline.

Comedy Central / Via venomsuniverse.tumblr.com

5. Your parents still schedule medical appointments for you.

Why would you want to take responsibility for that anyway?

6. You still watch reruns of sitcoms that are technically geared towards pre-teens, but you give no fucks.

Nickelodeon / Via drakeandjoshgifs.tumblr.com

Drake & Josh all day, errday.

7. You’d rather not talk about politics with people because then things just get too confusing for you.

8. Making a budget for any length of time is just not something you do.

Columbia Pictures / Via crushable.com

9. Even when you’re feeling rather adult-like and actually make a budget plan, you fail miserably at sticking to it.

10. Waking up early for work is just not the biz.

11. Waking up early to you is anywhere from 9-10 AM.

NBC / Via giphy.com

12. You use way too many emojis when you text.

13. On occasion, you drink like you’re still in college.

Work tomorrow at 9 AM. NBD.

14. At least five times a day without fail you misplace your phone, which usually results in mini panic attacks.

If you can’t keep track of your phone, what makes you think you can keep track of your future children?!

15. You don’t fully understand what a 401(k) is.

Comedy Central / Via rsvlts.com

16. You’re a little too familiar with Snapchat.

17. You get easily distracted from your daily responsibilities by all social media platforms.

#TBT > everything.

18. The very thought of having to pay multiple bills makes you cringe.

Fox / Via wordpress.com

19. You put your money in the wrong places (i.e, you’ll buy liquor before you buy essential things like food and water).

CBS / Via giphy.com

20. Transferring funds between your savings and checking accounts is something you’ve done too many times.

But don’t worry: you’ll grow up eventually (hopefully)!

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