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    15 Signs You're Definitely Not Fit To Be A Mom

    One does not simply give birth.

    1. When you see several small children in one space, you panic.

    2. When there is a baby in your vicinity, you completely lose your cool and don't know how to be playful with it, so you just end up serving major resting bitch face.

    3. You refer to a baby as "it."

    4. You don't see anything wrong with calling a baby "it."

    5. Whenever someone gives you a baby to hold, he or she cries almost instantaneously.

    6. Someone always has to remind you how to actually hold a baby.

    7. Just thinking about giving birth is painful.

    8. You "lose" your phone or some other important item multiple times a day.

    9. When this happens, you react as if the world is going to end at any moment.

    10. You treat your pet as if he or she is your actual child.

    11. You don't know how to change a diaper.

    12. You don't really see how one takes care of a real-life human being.

    13. You get irrationally annoyed at crying babies.

    14. You're the last person a relative asks to babysit their child or children.

    15. All bodily functions gross you out.

    But if you want to defy all odds, make them babies!