13 Things Girls With Natural Hair Are Tired Of Hearing

Our hair is really not as abstract as some think it is.

1. “Can I touch it?”

Not if you enjoy having hands.

2. “Do you wash it?”

New Line Cinema / Via giphy.com

Yes, because hair this fabulous needs the UTMOST care and attention.

3.Can you wash it?”

4. “How long does it take to get your hair like that? Must take forever!”

MTV / Via gurl.com

Actually, no. I have just as much time in a day as you and Beyoncé.

5. “Can you comb it?”

The CW / Via fanpop.com

6. When you have some shrinkage: “Did you cut it?”

7. When your hair is stretched out: “How did it grow so fast?”

8. Whenever you change your hairstyle: “Every time I see you, your hair looks so different!”

NBC / Via thekeyplay.com

How fascinating. Please, tell me more!

9. “I don’t know how you have the patience. I couldn’t do it!”

Warner Bros. / Via gif-central.blogspot.com

10. “It’s soooo thick!”

Weeeeelp, I woke up like dis. Literally.

11. “Can you wear it straight?”

12. “I like it better straight.”

13. “Do you miss having a perm?”

I’m natural for a reason, duuuuh.

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