12 Ridiculous And Genius Flasks That Actually Exist

Desperate times call for very desperate measures.

1. “Sneaky Shorts” Flask

crnchy.com / Via Papa Bert

Because why the hell not?

2. Fake Tampon Flask

amazon.com / Via Smuggle Your Booze

So wrong, yet so right.

3. Smartphone Flask

amazon.com / Via McDare

4. Digital Camera Flask

amazon.com / Via Binocktails

(Snap)shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

5. Lipstick Flask

amazon.com / Via Mustard

Who on this earth has a lipstick that big? Then again, who really cares?

6. Sunscreen Flask

amazon.com / Via Smuggle Your Booze

Let’s forget about the fact that if someone sees you pouring this they’ll think you’re insane. This is actually a good alcohol concealer and you can put a good amount of alcohol in it. Lushes, rejoice!

But be sure to not confuse it with your real sunscreen and pull a Charlie Kelly.

cdn.uproxx.com / Via FX Networks

Even though he knew he was drinking actual sunscreen and just didn’t give any fucks because well, he’s The Wild Card.

7. “Sneak Alcohol Caps”

amazon.com / Via Camo Caps

The thing about this is that you have to fill your water bottle to almost the very top with liquor. A curse for some, a blessing for many.

8. Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion Flasks

amazon.com / Via Smuggs Jugs Flasks

*Refer to #6*

9. “The BeerBelly”

amazon.com / Via The BeerBelly

Definitely not for the self-conscious.

10. “The Wine Rack”

ecx.images-amazon.com / Via The WineRack

11. Double-Sided Binocular Flask

amazon.com / Via BeWild

12. Cell Phone Flask

amazon.com / Via HomeWetBar

Probably the least believable flask (mainly because you’ll draw attention to yourself for owning a bar phone with an antenna), but a true lush will make it work.

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