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Psychedelic Music Videos You Need To Cure The Mundaze

Or any daze of the week.

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Not ready for the week? Put your responsibilities on hold while these psychedelic music videos mesmerize you.

Cut Copy - Future

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Cut Copy / Via

Here Cut Copy presents life through the looking glass. What begins as a carefree exploration of mirrored images soon turns into a frantic race to escape one’s own reflection. Or join it. Art is up for discussion. Have you ever wondered what happens when reflections collide? #Nospoilers so you’ll have to watch to find out.

The Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be

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Chemical Brothers / Via

Known for surreal filmmaking, Michel Gondry’s video for the Chemical Brothers presents a dizzying maze of choreographed dance. Unlike your Groundhog Day of a Monday, this music video’s ingénue parades through the same day lost in her own kaleidoscope world.

Neon Trees - Sleeping With a Friend

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Neon Trees / Via

Top 40 can get in on the action, too! Neon Trees pay homage to the new wave era with plenty of polka dots, day glo fashions, and Pee-wee’s Playhouse inspired characters. The mainstream tends to water down the trend, but this video commits with trippy effects and disorienting scene transitions.

Yeasayer - I Am Chemistry

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Yeasayer / Via

On their latest album, Yeasayer tell the story of a stranded interstellar traveler with 3D stop motion visuals. The band even makes a cameo in a bizarre modern dance sequence. While some of the characters are a little on the disturbing side (hello children of the broccoli) it’s one trippy ride.

The Shins - Dead Alive

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The Shins / Via

Finally the perfect combination of a monster B-movie and visual trickery. The video playfully transitions between the real world a miniature set until they eventually collide. And of course some vibrating psychedelic graphics are thrown in for good measure.

The xx - Basic Space

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The xx / Via

Ah, the soothing sounds of the xx. With "Basic Space", the band marries a soulful ballad to relaxing psychedelic visuals. Bordering on the slow TV genre, silhouettes and trailing lights create a beautiful and subduing dance across the screen.

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