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Fight for Your Favorite Cause With 5 Unbelievable Landscapes

Looking to take political action in the next 100 days? Send your representative a postcard from one of these countries to advocate for the issues you care about.

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Healthcare Issues


France - France tops multiple lists for their healthcare system. Patients use a mix of public health insurance and private insurance to cover their medical costs.

Women's Rights


Iceland - In 1980, Iceland elected the first female president in Europe and women make up 48% of parliament. About 80% of women participate in the workforce and are supported with a parental leave plan that also entitles both parents to 5 months off each.

LGBTQ Rights


Spain - Nearly 90% of citizens are accepting of homosexuality. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is illegal and homosexual men are allowed to donate blood. While some protections for gender identity vary nationally and regionally, transgendered people can register in public documents under their preferred sex.

Labor Issues

Sweden - Sweden is famous for its social safety net but also has strong labor unions and collective bargaining rights. The country also ranks high for innovation.

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