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The 9 Most Infamous Jokers Of All Time

Pulling off the perfect joke is an art that takes years to perfect. Meet the masters and bow before their hilarious hijinks. Then check out four stars gunning for equal greatness on the new series, "Impractical Jokers." Premieres tonight at 10p/9c on truTV.

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1. Noel Godin


Godin is a Belgian writer and actor, and infamous entarteur, or cream pie thrower. Most famously, in 1998 he pelted then-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates while he was in Brussels. After successfully pieing Gates, Godin allegedly said, "My work is done here." What a champion.

2. Barry Bremen


Known in the sports world as the "Great Imposter," Barry Bremen was a Phoenix-based insurance salesman and marketing executive who pulled off a number of pranks on sports teams, including posing as an umpire in the World Series, a player in an MLB All-Star Game, a player in a NBA All-Star Game, a referee in the NFL, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and a professional golfer. Oh, and he accepted an Emmy Award once. It wasn't his.

3. Joey Skaggs


Skaggs is the "godfather of pranks on the media," whose practical jokes have ranged from the most inane to extremely poignant--like building a grotesque version of the Statue of Liberty to protest against the Vietnam War.

5. Charlie Todd


Todd is the creator of "Improv Everywhere," a performance art group based in New York City. The group predominantly adopts strange personalities and accosts people, filming them to see their (often hysterical) reactions.

7. Ashton Kutcher


Perhaps not always subtle and smart in his practical jokes, Ashton Kutcher, through his show "Punk'd," definitely makes the list for sheer quantity and comedy of his hijinks. His pranks were so prolific that Shannon Elizabeth (from "American Pie") filed for divorce from her husband Joe Reitman as a result of a punking.

8. Hugh Troy


Troy was a popular American painter who was also notorious for his practical jokes. For instance, during an exhibition of Van Gogh's works at New York's Museum of Modern Art, Troy carved a piece of corned beef into the shape of an ear and put it on display at the museum, with a plaque declaring that it was the ear Van Gogh had cut off in 1888. Thousands of people flocked to it until security finally removed it.

9. Rick Astley

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Okay, Astley isn't actually a prankster, but because of rickrolling, he's certainly being included.