A How-To Guide For Impractical Jokers

We’ve enlisted the Impractical Jokers to help you become a better jokester. Check out these top five tips and tune into “Impractical Jokers,” a new series premiering tonight at 10p/9c on truTV.

1. Every Joke Has A Point

Regardless of the publicity of a practical joke, it’s important to remember that every joke does have some kind of point—whether that point is to make people laugh, to teach them something, or to just break up a mundane day.

2. Embrace Absurdity

Alternatively, if you just want to pull a practical joke but don’t have a particular point to make, then go with the absurd. As Nigel Crowle, a producer for Noel Edmonds and Jeremy Beadle, you should be creating “layer upon layer of absurd situations, build it up, to a climax, which really if you analyzed it make absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

3. Know Your Audience

Make sure that everyone gets the joke. I mean, what’s the point if no-one even thinks what you’re doing is funny?

4. Be Prepared

Depending on what practical joke you’re pulling, check and double-check that you have all the proper supplies before you launch into it. You don’t want to get caught with your pants down—unless that’s part of the joke.

5. Push Boundaries

A good practical joke isn’t just something that you do to a friend when he’s drunk (well, not ALL of them), but one that crosses boundaries and makes people think—like lines between amateur and professional, art and trash.

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