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The Carbonaro Effect Ep. 105 GIF Recap: Fox On The Run

This week, Michael Carbonaro steps behind the counter of a sporting goods store, coffee shop and shipping company. And if you're about to see the episode for the first time, Michael is now WELL AWARE that Jackie Robinson wore #42. He got a couple tweets about it.

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A Man Takes Out His Balls

And a woman is completely shocked.

But the balls are too big for your package!

(Okay, enough of that. This is a family show.)

Of Mice And Men

They should really stop making the padding in those things out of cheese.

I've seen more measured reactions in Tom & Jerry cartoons.

Hot Stuff

Even in GIF form, repeating over and over, I can't figure out how he does this.

Those drugs weren't supposed to kick in until AFTER I left the coffee shop.


You know where this would come in handy? Jewelry cases.

This lady is either impressed, or SERIOUSLY loves scones.

Tip: Always Get A Small

Because the coffee in this place sucks.

No, you're cognitively developed. He's just making you think you should be in a mental institution, that's all.

Fox on The Run

Don't even ask. I'm NOT eating green eggs and ham.

Don't look at Michael for help. He's the one who's doing this to you.

The Carbonaro Effect airs Thursdays at 10/9c on truTV!