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The Carbonaro Effect Ep. 104 GIF Recap:Out Of Bounce

Illusionist Michael Carbonaro is at it again as he brings his special brand of comedy magic behind the counter of a toy shop, into the gym, and in front of a security guard who all of a sudden feels not-so secure.

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Ladies and Gentlemen...LiquiSTIFF

And you thought Google Glass was weird.

It's an illusion. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Sushi Roll

One fish, two fish, wet fish, REAL FISH?

Say what now?


Just your standard tube of toad-gel.

For a lady that doesn't like toads, she hops like a champ.

Dry Hard

Dry sponge, right?


If Michael Carbonaro was my trainer, I'd ask him to make my gut disappear.

Grand Theft Auto

There was a car there a second ago...

At least he kept the balloons safe.

Putting the CAR back in "Carbonaro"

This was taped months ago. This guy STILL has no idea what went down.