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The 10 Dumbest Things People Do On Facebook

People do a lot of dumb things on Facebook, but these take the cake. Check out this epic list of dumb and then head over to truPIDITY, the new interactive viral clip game from truTV. You get to guess what happens to stupid people doing hilarious things. It’s just about as awesome as it sounds. Check it out here!

  • 1. Post updates while getting married

    Like this guy. Do the smoosh-cake-in-each-other's-faces thing and then post pics. We can wait.

  • 2. Play Farmville, Mafia Wars or any of those other time sucks

    Nothing shows the world you have no life better than seeing a badge from a virtual Facebook game. And then there's the Farmville-addicted mom who allegedly... Shiver!

  • 3. Post every time a famous person dies

    RIP whoever. That's what the Academy Award dead reel is for. And who are the freaks who click "like" on these notices?

  • 4. Drink & Facebook

    Let this sleazy stock photo, above, and this other dude's alleged drinky deeds be a lesson to ya.

  • 5. Post the pics of your underage beer bong party

    Like this couple in Florida allegedly did.

  • 6. Misspell stuff that the whole world can see

    Misspell stuff that the whole world can see And it's all attached to your name. Like these geniuses who spelled Mosque, "Mosk."

  • 7. Talk about how much you hate your job

    Yes it's tempting. And yes, like this teacher you will get fired for it.

  • 8. Break into someone's house and log into your Facebook account

    You'd think we wouldn't have to tell you this. But you'd be wrong.

  • 9. Tell people you are going out of town

    Unless you want your place robbed, not bright.

  • 10. Spew about how frackin' in love you are

    It's annoying. Luckily, you will be publicly shamed.