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13 Reasons Your Best Friends Are Also Your Worst Enemies

Hate to love ‘em. The stars of Impractical Jokers have been best friends for decades, and that intimate knowledge of each other is exactly what makes their dares so EVIL. Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c, only on truTV!

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1. They know your weaknesses.

And they will exploit them, ruthlessly.

2. They know where you live.

You're never safe.

3. They know where you work.

And don't care about helping you "look professional."

4. They've already had your germs all over them.

So there's no using "cooties" to get them away from you.

5. They no longer have a concept of appropriate personal space.

They will straight-up pick your nose. Try them. TRY THEM.

6. Like, genuinely. No contest.

7. They do not respect your personal property.

What's yours is theirs, and what's theirs is garbage.

8. They WILL embarrass you in public.

Not might. WILL.

9. They will root for you to fail.

Especially if it's gonna be funny.

10. They know your deepest fears.

And they will exploit them shamelessly.

11. They know when your birthday is.

But they'll never take it seriously.

12. They don't care if you injure yourself.

At all. Not at all.

13. But despite it all, you know they always have your back.

Even if they're pinning up a "kick me" sign at the same time.

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