10 Fake Products That Should Definitely Be Real

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1. Anti-Gravity Paper Cups


No more slips or spills due to full hands or short-stopping cars!

2. DehydraPet


From sticker to swimmer in seconds!

3. Make-Your-Own Instant Tortilla Chips


Great for parties; fun for kids.

4. Never-Ending Brown Bags


Carry an entire fridge’s worth of groceries with one handy bag. Very eco-friendly.

5. PermaBubbles


Can you imagine the wedding DIYs? CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

6. Anti-Shatter Spray


Instantly fixes cracks, nicks, dings, and scratches in all kinds of glass. Goodbye phone case, hello living on the edge!

7. Walk-Through Dry Cleaning


Stain stick can’t touch this.

8. Always-Up Packaging


No matter how you flip or flop the box, everything inside stays right-side up!

9. Super-Condensed Shipping


If it fits, it ships, and it always fits!

10. Handy Steamer


Great for touch-ups as you’re about to walk out the door!

All images courtesy of truTV.

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