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The 10 Dumbest Things To Do With Your Clothes Off

At some point in their lives, most people will have "the dream" where they end up naked in public. Well, this is that dream turned reality. Except this time it's more like a nightmare. Check out the dumbest things to do with your clothes off and play the game truPIDITY, where you get to watch stupid videos and guess what happens next. The better you do, the dumber you are. Sounds fun, right? You can check it out here!

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  • 1. Take A Hike

    These two young ladies are about to begin an 18 kilometer "naturist" hike through Dankerode, Germany. How do you say "calamine lotion" in German?

  • 2. Celebrate The Solstice

    In Seattle, these two body-painted bohemians spent the day of the year that has the most sunlight showing off the places where the sun doesn't usually shine. Ironic.

  • 3. Go Out To Dinner

    A group of nudists attend a "clothing optional dinner" at a New York City restaurant. That screaming you hear is coming from the gentleman who ordered the hot soup.

  • 4. Entertain Tourists In Times Square

    Back in the 1970's, Times Square in New York used to be a sewer of porno theaters, depravity and sex shows. Now they have theme restaurants and the Naked Cowboy. We're not sure which is better.

  • 5. Celebrate Halloween

    In 2007, hundreds of nude people with pumpkins on their heads ran through the streets of Boulder, CO for the Naked Pumpkin Run, an annual event held on Halloween night. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving in Boulder this year, make sure you know where the pumpkin pie came from.

  • 6. Pose For Spenser Tunick

    Artist Spenser Tunick has gained worldwide fame for his photo projects, which almost always involve large groups of naked people posing in interesting ways. But as we noted on Dumb As A Blog last year, while challenging the concept of what nudity represents in culture while simultaneously creating original photographs is interesting, it's less interesting when you keep repeating yourself.

  • 7. Ride A Rollercoaster

    This actually seems sort of fun, but then again, rollercoasters are also fun with your clothes on. Also, some men might get self-conscious if they misinterpret the sign reading, "you must be THIS BIG to ride this."

  • 8. Play Soccer

    These erotic actresses, inspired by a World Cup match last June, faced off in a soccer game with jerseys made of nothing but body paint. It may not have been FIFA-approved, but we're sure there was a lot more scoring.

  • 9. Climb A Tree

    While the branches of the trees are doing an admirable job keeping the "fish and chips" of these two British protesters hidden, we must say: getting naked in front of Big Ben is no way to look impressive in comparison.

  • 10. Enjoy A Scandinavian Meatball

    We're not sure if the owners of this Scandinavian deli in London want to attract naked people who love meatballs, or paying customers who love naked people. Either way, free meatballs are free meatballs. We're just glad they don't do this at Ikea.