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    • TruthHammer

      Peter Lanza left his family in 2001, two years after Adam Lanza was diagnosed with a mental ailment. The New Yorker article implies that the Lanza’s divorce occurred 8 years after they were separated and even still Peter did not question Nancy’s firearm collection or her spiraling mental health condition. Nancy Lanza would soon methodically cut off acquaintance with her family and asked Peter not to visit with Adam, which Peter obliged like any good Dad would. Two years later with 28 dead, Peter Lanza belatedly collected his son’s corpse. Peter Lanza turned his back on his former family but somehow escaped the villainy that his former wife was accused of; at least she tried to help her son, misguided or not. Peter Lanza was left off the hook for any blame and the New Yorker fluff piece is an extension of his failures.

    • TruthHammer

      Beard aside, Coburn set the standard for Republican obstructionism in the US Senate. He allowed for continued violence in Uganda, South Sudan and Central Africa Republic by placing a hold on a Senate bill that was designed to disarm the Lord’s Resistance Army, a US designated terrorist group. He is a member of a religious organization that has helped form Uganda’s extreme position on homosexuality. On the flip side, he sided with other Republicans to have a Muslim advocacy investigated by the IRS after a like minded author released a book implicating the Council on American-Islamic Relations of terrorist activity. The claim has no real merit. This may have contributed to Oklahoma’s xenophobic stance on anti-Sharia legislation that ultimately may place a statue of Baphomet on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.
      Although he operated with a measure of comity, he consistently sided with his party to block votes on almost all of the Senates’ business during the last few sessions of Congress. For the most part he was all in on the neoconservative movement and hypocritically against the current administration that is largely seen as an extension of the Bush presidency.
      He won’t be missed because another like him will replace him: he is already as extreme as any in the Republican or Tea Party ranks.

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