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12 Tweets That Accurately Call Out The World On Its BS

Seems legit alright.

1. English is a tricky language.

2. Straightforward, honest, and helpful graffiti.

3. But what happens when you put it on?

4. Can you believe they took these relics out of the museum?

Seems legit, doesn't it? NO, but I'd still put in a quarter. @JohnRMoffitt

5. Woman laughing and eating salad (hamburger).

not sure why people think eating healthy is hard. "Salads" are delicious.

6. 10/10, would buy.

7. Candy from strangers = bad. Abandoned candy = worse.

8. Real, real sketch.

9. Thank you for the clear confirmation that your meats are tasty.

10. Statement bag or statement bag?

11. This imitation crab must have been the life of the party:

"@zachlevin: Mmmm! Delicious wild imitation crab meat! No caged imitation crab for me, thanks!"

12. I wonder how much the groj cost?

"It's not that bad for me because it's strawberry-flavored." Seems legit.

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