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11 Times In Life Your Excuses Tragically Betrayed You

Excuses are a trap. They always come back to get you in the end.

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1. “Taking 20 credit hours won’t be THAT bad.”

All semester like:

2. “I’m so tired. It’s fine, I’ll read the last chapter tomorrow before the test.”

The next day, late for school:

3. “I’ll clean tomorrow.”

And then your guests come over and:

4. “I’ll get flowers on the way to Mother’s Day brunch.”

Everyone else had the same idea, and now all that's left are weeds and the biggest bouquet ever.

5. “OMG traffic was insane!”

But your friend has the same commute and knows. They KNOW.

7. “If I show up late to my internship, I’ll just stay late.”

But then your boss won't notice 'cause she left at a reasonable hour, so now you look like a bad intern who's always late, and you're just like, What am I even doing?

8. “Yes, I should study, but I learn a lot from TV.”

The night before like:

10. “I can eat that doughnut ‘cause I walked to get it!”

But you know the doughnut is evil like:

And "I only smoke on weekends, so I can't be a smoker smoker."

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Social smoking is a trap. Half of the people who try cigarettes in college are still smoking four years later. #ItsATrap

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