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11 People Who Should Pursue Lip Syncing Professionally

*mouths words with serious attitude*

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1. This human who perfectly captured talking to your crush:

Courtesy of Gabe Erwin / / Via

2. This guy with a (heavy) metal mouth:

Courtesy of Ray Ligaya / Viral Nation / Via

3. This performer with swag for DAYS:

Courtesy of Amy Stanley / Via

4. This guy who takes us all on a trip:

Courtesy of Nick Raiano / YouTube: Vine: / Via

5. This guy who knows that girls run this motha:

Courtesy of Mike Pearson / / Via

6. This person and his thoroughly uncomfortable whispering:

Courtesy of Don Jaye / / Twitter: @donjayeworld / Instagram: @donjayeworld / Via

7. This powerful performer with serious hair-whipping skills:

Courtesy of Casey Cline / Via

8. This dude who seized the moment:

Courtesy of James Lamon / Via

9. This guy who isolates that torso:

Courtesy of Rickey Thompson / / Via

10. This impromptu boy band:

Courtesy of Chris Unera / Via

11. And finally, this flawless human and his flawless dance break:

Courtesy Ray Ligaya / Viral Nation / / Via

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