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14 Moments From "Left Swipe Dat" We Almost Can't Believe

*Picks jaw. Off floor.*

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1. When Grace looked absolutely flawless in every single shot.

Backstage, the hair fans are like "Oh, I love working with Grace, she makes my job a breeze because SHE IS THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN."

2. When Fifth Harmony broke it down as if no one were watching.

Would trade first-born child to see a longer clip of this.

3. When this little bit of swagger happened:

That shoulder move tho.

4. And this interstellar dolphin ride:

Dolphin ride = totally G-rated, despite what your brain just did.

5. When Becky G strutted out like "step aside, norms."

*steps politely aside*

6. And when she pulled this little maneuver, and a tiny organ inside of us squealed in a way we did not know was possible:

*feels things; dies*

7. Also, this casual onion ring fling:

8. Which was just a small taste of this epic, slo-mo, This-Is-Sparta thrust motion:

"Anyone else suddenly hungry? Just me? OK."

9. When this entire situation happened, and we didn't want to see it, but we couldn't look away:

There are more questions than answers.

10. When Grace did the running man in reverse somehow, and it was good.

Poise. Style. Grace.

11. Also, whatever this dance move happening back here is called:

The Jimmy Dance. It's now the Jimmy Dance.

12. When the massage guy got really into it.

He is spirited about his profession, and that is something we should all respect.

13. This absolutely devastating eye roll + wrist flick combo.

Not pictured: group of people to left of camera who immediately burst into flames.

14. And finally: when the one hair flip to rule them all flipped out of our screens and into the stratosphere.

Damn. Just damn.

All imagery courtesy of truth.

We almost can't believe smoking pics still show up in dating profiles since it's a fact that they get fewer matches.

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