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College Parties Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

There's just so much to learn.

1. Freshman year: You have to arrive with at least two other people.

Senior year: You have no problem showing up (and raging) alone.

2. Freshman year: Looking for where the action's happening like...:

Senior year: You MAKE the action happen.

3. Freshman year: You need your phone to look cool and busy when the introversion hits.

Senior year: What introversion?

4. Freshman year: Waiting on your crush to RSVP like...:

Senior year: Literally who cares?

5. Freshman year: You invite people to your room and try to be a good hostess and make some brownies or something — anything — in the dorm kitchen.

Senior year: "Come over. I got chips and dip."

6. Freshman year: You make a fool out of yourself, then hide in your dorm for the rest of the semester.

Senior year: You make a fool of yourself, then laugh it off the next day.

7. Freshman year: You don't want to go unless you know someone else who's going.

Senior year: It's your party, and you DGAF who shows up.

8. Freshman year: You dance like everyone's watching.

Senior year: You dance like NO ONE is watching.

9. Freshman year: Attending every party possible 'cause you can worry about responsibilities later.

Senior year: You've been to enough parties already. You can wait for the one really good one.

10. Freshman year: You're the very last to leave.

Senior year: If you're not feelin' it anymore, you're OUT.

11. Freshman year: Surveying the crowd and realizing you're just a baby and what are you even doing here?

Senior year: Surveying the crowd, and you feel like...:

And finally, freshmen year:

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