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8 Ways To De-Stress That Aren't Vaping

Vaping nicotine isn't the stress reliever you think it is and can actually make you feel worse over time. Sign up for This is Quitting from truth for quitting support and tips to relieve stress.

When you're stressed out, grabbing your vape may seem like a quick fix — and at first, it might feel like it's working. The problem? While vaping nicotine can initially feel good, those feelings won't last.

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Even worse, nicotine can rewire your brain to feel more stressed over time when it’s not getting nicotine. That stress you’re feeling might actually be a strong craving, because in addition to experiencing general life stressors, your body is in withdrawal.

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Good news! While saying goodbye to your vape isn't easy, 90% of those who do quit vaping nicotine report feeling less stressed, anxious, or depressed, according to Truth Initiative survey data. Here are This is Quitting users' best tips for dealing with stress without vaping:

1. Refocus Your Attention

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2. Distract Yourself

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3. Spend Time Working Out

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4. Stay In Touch With Your Body

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5. Write It Down

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6. Keep On Going

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7. Head Outside

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8. Breath In And Out

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truth is helping to bust the myth that vaping is a good stress reliever as part of a new campaign called Breath of Stress Air. Those looking to trade their stress air for fresh air can start by texting DITCHVAPE to 88709 to sign up for This is Quitting from truth. It’s a free, anonymous text message program that more than 425,000 others are using to leave e-cigarettes behind.

You can learn more about nicotine's impact on mental health and join young people nationwide in declaring youth vaping a mental health crisis at

All quotes were provided by Truth Initiative.