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10 Baseball Leisure Time Names That Are All Better Than Bland And Embarrassing Bryce Harper

Because nobody wants to be named Bryce Harper.

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1. Rusty Kuntz

Start with a lob right over the plate; current first base coach for the KC Royals. Surname aside, Rusty is just barely one hilarious step below Randy. Interestingly enough, Rusty Kuntz was Emma Stone's high school nickname.

5. Harry Kuntashian

No picture of Kuntashian was available, and much like Chet Steadman he never ACTUALLY played in the Major Leagues. In 1938, however, he appeared in 21 minor league games, splitting time between the Charleston Senators and the Greenville Spinners.

7. Doug Fister

Fister is currently a starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals. Any time he strikes out the side, he deploys the patented Tiger Woods Victory Fist Pump and proclaims, "Fister? I barely even know her"

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