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PickaPik App To Share And Compare

PickaPik – the new app for helping you to select which photo you should select for posting on social media or for your model portfolio.

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The dilemma is clear: you have taken four images of yourself in the mirror and cannot decide which one is the best; you might want to use one to post up on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest as a profile image but you just cannot decide which one is best.

The longer you stare at the images you have taken, the more indecisive you become. Solution is PickaPik. That’s short for Pick a Picture. The friends and family you choose can vote on the selection of images you have whittled down to the last four.

Pickapik, which allows for amateurs and pros alike to share up to four photos for your followers to compare and help you decide! Whether selecting pictures for business, or for personal use or everyday fun, you can select photos directly from your own camera roll, or use Pickapik camera, but either way the app is loaded with features and options that help you express yourself and create the photos you envision.

The Pickapik app makes it easy for followers to rank your photos, or simply approve - or not - of the shots you send. But it also offers loads of options like filters and tagging choices, editing tools like cropping, easy library and storage options, and the ability to link multiple social accounts to Pickapik.

Pickapik is available in the Apple iTunes store. The free version adds features like emojis, easier interface for adding tags and mentions, and more elegant functionality that includes slide-swipe or autoscroll options.

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