Crazy Captchas

Captcha? What's a Captcha? And more importantly, what's a CRAZY Captcha? Anybody who surfs the web knows what a Captcha is, even if they don't recognize the name. According to Wikipedia, a Captcha is "a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being." Surfers generally encounter Captchas when trying to sign up for a new email account, comment on a blog post or complete a financial transaction. The box which pops up ensures a human being is behind the action, because, as we all know, robots are dumb. Early Captchas could be very frustrating because they afforded only one chance to get the answer right. If they were hard to read (often the case) there wasn't a chance to get it wrong and the entire process had to be repeated. A refinement to the procedure was a vast improvement. A "refresh" button was added and respondents could scroll through varying Captchas until one popped up which had a chance at being solved by even the dumbest humans and not even the smartest robots. That's how Crazy Captchas was born. Most Captchas consist of two separate words. One is generally easily recognizable, the other is usually gibberish (but, thankfully, not always!) That's when it can get wildly funny. A Crazy Captcha is found by hitting that refresh button repeatedly until an accidentally hilarious combination of intelligible words and gibberish appear together. Of course, the gibberish Captcha word means nothing, usually. But coupled with an authentic word, imagination takes over. And, hopefully, some chuckles. It takes a while, but the results can be well worth it. For more Crazy Captchas CLICK HERE

TomRose • 5 years ago