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    • TrollCakes

      Kate, I don’t know where these people are coming from. You’ve covered all your journalistic bases, and hopefully Ms. Rebeck will now take the time and speak with you. I think we all know that she made some mistakes in season 1, and the mistakes kept on a’comin in season 2. Looks like it was a doomed show from the get go. But you gave us a nice article originally, and I think publishing her emails was a nice way to get Rebeck’s opinion out until such a time that she is ready to speak with you. She was very snarky indeed, but I’m not surprised. A failed show followed by a failed play (Dead Accounts) might leave anyone testy. If she’s a professional, she’ll sit down to an interview with her and give her side. But I thought you were more than professional in your dealings with Rebeck. Keep up the good work.

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