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15 Things No One In A Healthy Relationship Needs To Apologize For

You should never say you're sorry for wanting a healthy relationship. XOXO by Trojan empowers you to #TrustYourself and expect the absolute best.

1. Saying no.

2. Expecting a text back.

3. Hanging out with friends.

4. Evolving as a person.

5. Speaking the honest truth when your partner needs to hear it.

6. Wanting your acts of kindness to be reciprocated.

7. Dressing however you want.

8. Not having the money to do something.

9. Wanting to be complimented.

10. Liking the music you like.

11. Not going to every single one of their improv shows.

12. Asking them to make the plans for once.

13. Caring too much.

14. Being yourself.

15. Farting.

With XOXO by Trojan's discreet packaging, it's never been easier to #TrustYourself.