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12 Secrets You Won't Get If You're Not In A Serious Relationship

The biggest secret: You become way too comfortable.

1. Your partner letting you pop a zit is the highlight of your day.

2. Eating takeout on your couch in your underwear is vastly more appealing for a special occasion than yet another fancy dinner out.

3. You constantly put your pet on the phone with your partner or send texts "from your pet" to your partner.

4. Half of your arguments are due to hanger.

5. The other half of your arguments are over what show or movie to watch.

6. You've forgotten what it's like to sleep alone, and now it's completely impossible.

7. There are certain touchy topics (like their exes) that you just won't poke with a 10-foot pole.

8. You have developed your own secret codes for things like wanting to go home or wanting to go home to have sex...or just wanting sex.

9. You can also have an entire conversation solely through unattractive facial expressions.

10. You have accepted one another's bad habits, no matter how annoying they might be.

11. You know you always have someone to talk to openly about your bodily functions.

12. And you always support each other, even when you don't 100% agree.

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