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Which Class Are You? Thief, Mage, Or Warrior

So I have this human character story based off of D&D.

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  1. Which is your prominent, negative trait?

  2. Pick a bird.

  3. *Scenario: A troubled mother begs you to save her daughter (who already has a fatal and incurable disease) from a burning building. What do you do?

    Save her of course!
    Okay, but you owe me one.
    It is futile to save a child who already will die later on in life.
  4. *Scenario: Your partner cheats on you, what do you do?

    Probably cry and move on the next week.
    Take it too far and decide to not date anyone again after this betrayal.
    Seek revenge on him and his affaired lover.
    Move on, they weren't worth it.
  5. Would you donate your organs when you die?

    No, those are mine! Not some other person's
    Yes! I would die for someone I love to give them an organ to live.
    Depends on the person that gets it, I only want to give organs to those who are pure of heart.
  6. What is one positive word to describe you?

  7. Pick a place to explore.

    A deserted but mystical castle, with a taste for adventure.
    A dark, sheltering forest, great to hide in and very resourceful.
    A quiet, large library, stuffed with books from floor to ceiling.
  8. Are you someone who your friends heavily rely on?

  9. Almost done, what do you think you are going to get?

  10. *Scenario: your destiny depends on these doors, whatever you choose will be your future.

    An elegant, white door with diamonds encrusted around its frame. It bares a silver key
    A basic wood door with a dusty door handle and a rusty copper key.
    A leaf-strewn gate that leads to a bright and green garden maze. Baring a dirty key.
    A gold plated and heavily locked door that shines brightly. Bares a gold key
    A black door with a mirror that gives off an interesting aura, that drives you to it. Bares a silver key with a purple aura around it.
    A cold, metal door that is acessed by a voice code password.

Which Class Are You? Thief, Mage, Or Warrior

You got: Thief

You are clever, cunning, and very sly. You fool people and steal from right under their noses without being noticed. You don't trust anyone in particular and are a lone wolf. You do work that you get paid to do. Basically, you walk to your own drum beat.

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You got: Mage

You are very logical and possibly ethical. People admire your quirkiness and skill. You may be sort of a book-nerd, and very intelligent in several subjects. Ignorance and obnoxiousness irritates you. You are quite realistic and a bit pessimistic. No one can pull a fast one on you. You are very independent and hate letting your guard down for anyone.

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You got: Warrior

You're a ferocious and courageous person. No one can bring you down without a fight. You're quite impulsive, but very diligent and strong. You are the type of person to fight to the very end. Loyalty and affection are very prominent around those you care about, you would die for those you love.

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