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Disney/Nickelodeon Moments That Perfectly Describe Spring Break 2017

We all grew up watching and loving Disney Channel/Nickelodeon as kids, but we never knew it could relate so much to us today, specifically with our Spring Break!

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When you finally get out of class for spring break


When you get to the beach


But then you realize it actually feels like winter break!

When you see some weird stuff going on!

When you wake up after a long night and you are super hungry and all you can think about is food


When you see a cute honey on the beach

When that cute honey actually talks to you


When you get rejected by that cute honey

When you finally get the food you've been thinking about all day


When you ate a ton of food but you came prepared


When you are putting your name down for a table at a restaurant

When your jam comes on

When your jam comes on and you are with your crew


When spring break is over and you don't want to go back to class

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