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18 Times The Admin Of Kantorini Food Park Slayed On Social Media

So Kantorini Food Park opened less than a month ago in Quezon City. Weeks later, the food park gained attention on social media... all for different reasons.

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Facebook / Via Facebook: kantorinifoodpark

"You should try hosting entertainment like bands or spoken word artists. I'm sure plenty will visit. They'll eventually be hungry and eat there. Or better yet, put anything interesting. Do a survey. Ask your customers how to improve your service."

Kantorini: "You want to take over my job as admin? "

6. He's also giving out courtship advice, you guys!

Facebook / Via Facebook: kantorinifoodpark

"Will the person I'm courting answer me if I bring her here?

Kantorini: "You just need to be super charming Carl. I'll be a liar if I'll say you look like James Reid. Go to Kantorini Food Park and bring your crush. Cut your nails and use perfume. Don't forget to brush your teeth. Don't tell your crush to pay for her own meals or that you left your wallet at home or the parking. Pay for her meal. Don't be shy because you're not good looking. Average-looking people like us only have our thick faces to show. The decision of the one you're courting does not lie on Kantorini's hands but we'll be there to guide you."


Facebook / Via Facebook: kantorinifoodpark

"We have a new place to hangout when I go home. Until what time do you get orders?"

Kantorini: "11:30 on Sundays to Thursdays 1am on Saturday and Sunday"

"Wow! He answered fast! Thanks for the info admin. I hope that's how the service will be too. See you in one year, maybe!"

Kantorini: "I hurried to answer but he'll be here in a year and it's still unsure. I was really hoping for it."

9. Hugot lines, mehnnn

Facebook / Via Facebook: kantorinifoodpark

"Will she come back if I go here?"

Kantorini: "No. But you'll meet someone more deserving. The one who'll appreciate all your effort. The one who you won't need to pretend with when you're together. The one you'll be comfortable and natural with. You'll feel light with her. She'll laugh even if your jokes are corny, and you still use your grandfather's old jokes. The one who won't be ashamed of you with her friends but be proud of you. Forget the past. You'll meet someone in Kantorini Food Park. Your forever is here that's why you shouldn't wait. We're open from Sunday to Thursday 4pm to 12mn and until 2am on Friday and Saturday.

Don't destroy your life on a girl who won't give importance to you. Go to Kantorini instead. Your P120 will give you a rice meal already. There's also a cool band and you'll be able to sound trip and relax. You'll definitely forget her. If you're heartbroken in love, you won't be heartbroken with Kantorini."

16. In the end, he had plenty of dishes to wash

Facebook / Via Facebook: kantorinifoodpark

"OMG! Where you able to use (the tables)? The big question is-- is it still complete? Answer! Where's the active admin of this page?"

Kantorini: "I have plenty of dishes to wash. I'll get back to you later"

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