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Women Tell Us What Makes Them Feel Confident When Working Out

The smallest of things can give you that extra boost.

1. The Harnesser

"I like to imagine tense scenarios in which someone is trying to hurt someone I love (usually my sister or my dog!) and I just harness that rage and push harder."

- Aubree L.

2. The Action Movie Hero

"I love listening to K-pop while I'm working out and imagining I’m in a girl group. It makes my cardio and runs so much easier when I day dream that I’m a cute starlet instead of the sweaty mess that I truly am.

"Another tactic that I like is listening to movie scores that have a heart-racing and adrenaline inducing pace - I imagine I’m a heroine in a movie being chased by the bad guys or running to save the world. Nothing motivates you to push it more than when you have the fate of an imaginary world on your shoulders."

- Emily C.

3. The Reward Setter

"Setting rewards for after a workout always keeps me motivated!"

- Lily A.

4. The Workout Jam

"When I'm working out, the biggest thing that makes me feel both confident and motivated is the music in my ears. Right now the soundtrack to my runs is 90s hip hop and if an angry track shuffles in, it just spurs me on!"

- Sabrina F.

5. The Positive Thinker

"I never set weight-loss goals; instead, I set measurable goals related to fitness — being able to lift more weight, or run a mile more quickly (or… at all). This has helped me to make working out less shame-focused and more positive."

- Kaye T.

6. The New Wardrobe

"Yep, it's an expensive habit but new workout clothes make me feel really confident. Even a new pair of socks can help me to feel more motivated towards hitting my goals. Having a professional looking kit makes me feel like I belong plus, no one will suspect I'm not always sure what I'm doing!"

- Josie A.

7. The Shift of Perspective

"The most helpful thing for me was shifting to thinking about working out in terms of my mental health rather than just physical. I focus on how much happier I feel during and after rather than how many calories I need to burn or miles I need to run (brisk walk)."

- Priya M.

8. The Alpha Sweater

"It’s kind of unconventional, but I get a weird sort of confidence when I'm working out in front of the window at a gym and people glance as they’re walking by. It makes me think like, “yeah, you wish you could be me sweatin’ up a storm and being physically fit. I am an alpha athletic female and will make direct eye contact with you while i’m drenched in sweat."

- Christine A.

9. The Befriender

"A badass teacher can make me feel really confident. I recently had a new yoga teacher who I want to make my best friend."

- Patricia A.

10. The Challenger

"This may sound really contradictory but I feel confident when I'm challenging myself to do something that I've never done before or that I know will be a big push for me. I've recently started going to these classes where you spend half of the time running on a treadmill at an incline and while I'm definitely the slowest one there, it spurs me on to know that at least I'm giving it a go and I'm improving every single time."

- Cat R.

11. The Competitor

"I like to pretend I'm competing with the people next to me at the gym for some little wins."

- Jessica C.

12. The Master Squatter

"I love it when the movement that I've been practicing and trying to actually do just *clicks*. I'll never forget my first full snatch. First it was the fear of moving the bar to over my head - the balance, not being able to see where the bar is, the speed that I had to go to get it over my head in the first place - it really freaked me out. So many times I hesitated and would just have to drop the bar. Then once I got used to that movement, I had the fear of going down into the squat: will I actually be able to get up again? Will I fall over when I'm at my least stable? The feeling of finally moving that bar from the ground to over my head with a complete squat was the most exhilarating and personal feeling, that made me feel like an absolute boss."

- Antonia B.

13. The Beat Queen

"At group spinning or dance classes, I try to hit the beat more than I did the time before. So I'll keep a running score in my head of where I was in the last class and then how many times I was on (or off) in this class and compare!"

- Janine L.

14. The Trend Setter

"Wearing workout kit I feel good in definitely impacts my confidence. It helps me get excited for my workout if I like what I'm putting on, plus I'm looking in the mirror at myself throughout my class or workout, so I want to feel good about myself!"

- Robyn L.

15. The Alternative Playlist

"Music is everything. Getting the right tempo and the right tracks to motivate me changes my workout completely. Sometimes, for a yoga session it might be something more mellow and light to help me be mindful, or something totally pop / hip-hop for a HIIT training session. At times, some of my favourite music playing in my ears during my workout, I wouldn't be caught dead listening to any other time. Cue: Katy Perry (shout out to 'Roar' a personal confidence fave)."

- Emma L.

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